Building Positive Customer Relationships Since 1992


Since its founding in 1992, Rohbe’s mission has been to help clients achieve customer satisfaction through building positive relationships with their suppliers. That’s why Rohbe developed the Supplier Analysis System — to provide a simple way to accomplish this using minimal time and resources.

As an integral part of your supply chain management process, Rohbe’s proven approach provides you with a meaningful cost of materials from your supplier. It develops the information you need to improve supplier performance and your bottom line.  Email us at customer_support@ to request a demo.

Rohbe’s proven products interfaces include the following systems:

  • ASI
  • BAAN
  • BPCS
  • C.A. ASK ManMan
  • C.A. KBM
  • C.A. PRMS
J.D. Edwards
  • Mapics
  • Neumenon
  • Oracle Manufacturing
  • SAP
  • Simex
  • Tenera
  • Visibility
  • And Others