Rohbe’s Supplier Analysis System


RSAS provides a simple way to initiate a process to improve supplier relationships. The system can be installed and implemented with a minimal amount of time and resources to measure suppliers’ quality delivery, price and service. It includes the following features:

Flexible Environment
Simple easy-to-use screens provide rapid access to the data as well as the ability to integrate data into word processors and spreadsheets.
Interface Capability
A flexible interface module allows the system to be easily interfaced with your purchasing/receiving system. Various utilities are provided to automate this process.
Service Factors
Customize your own evaluation factors such as responsiveness, documentation, willingness to negotiate on price and other parameters that can provide insight into overall supplier customer service.
Parameter Driven
User-entered parameters for weight factors, report headings, delivery date windows and rating classification ranges provide an easy method of tailoring the system to your specific requirements.
Flexible Report Generation
Create custom reports by simply specifying the fields you want, the filter to place on the data and the order you want the data in, and then save for later recall.
Electronic Signature/Routing
Specify internal routing of supplier or rejection data for review by other users.
Supplier Price Index
Based on algorithms that are widely used by leading companies. A single suppliers price index represents the added cost of the product; ie., the non-conformance costs due to poor quality, late or early delivery, and the cost of transportation as well.
Supplier History
Displayed either graphically or alpha-numericaly, provides visual trend of supplier performance.
Multiple Facility Support
Provides the capability to incorporate performance data from multiple facilities and build a consolidated report card.